Chess Sets And Boards


15" Decorative Metallic Chess Set

Price: 129.95
Stunning and functional, this decorative chess set comes with wonderfully unique metallic chess piec

Crusades III Medieval Chess Set Pieces

Price: 69.00
From medieval times, Richard of England and Saladin of the Holy Land have come back to war once more

15 1/2" Camphor Wood Folding Travel Chess Set

Price: 53.00
This handsome set features a 16" camphor wood board with handle and folds for easy storage. Elastic


If you are looking for chess sets and boards we have a great collection to choose from.  The chess game that we know today emerged from southern Europe around the 15th century.  The game of chess is enjoyed by a wide variety of people.  From young to old and from many different cultures. 

Some poeple enjoy playing chess on very unique chess sets and boards.  Liked themed chess sets, such as, cival war chess sets or medieval chess sets. There are themes out there that most anyone can find one that will match their favorite collectibable item.  All chess sets and boards come with 64 squares and most are black and white, but this can be customized to whatever one prefers.

Chess is a great game to get the family together and tighten bonds between parents and kids or among siblings.  Some people like to bring their chess game with them while they travel.  For those people there are specially made travel chess sets and boards that make moving them around easier and less likely to have missing pieces.  There is also a magnetic chess set that the pieces stick to the board to make them less likely to slip off or get lost while traveling.

If you are an avid chess player or one who just enjoys the occasionaly game with their family or even one who enjoys collecting different themed chess sets,  there are chess sets and boards out there for any need. 


18" High Gloss Mahogany Finish Chess Boards – $ 77.00


15" Black Leatherette-Edge Chess Boards – $ 66.00


15" Walnut Staunton Wood Chess Sets – $ 54.00




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