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Wooden Chess Sets

March 21st, 2010 admin No comments

Alabaster & Wood Chess Case

Price: 599.95

British Staunton in Ebonized Boxwood Chess & Backgammon Case 3" King

Price: 169.90

Rosewood Chess Box 2 3 4"

Price: 29.95

Rosewood Chess Box 3 1 4"

Price: 39.95

Rosewood Chess Box 3 3 4"

Price: 49.95

Rosewood Chess Box 4 1 4"

Price: 59.95

Persian Brass & Wood Chess Set

Price: 399.95
From Italy comes some of our most beautiful chess sets including this combination brass and wood Staunton design from Italfama. The base and tops of the pieces are made from brass while the center sections are made from wood natural and dark to help disti